Highly Efficient Energy Recovery Devices

PX-Q Series

X isobaric technology is the most efficient and reliable solution on the market in energy recovery for desalination. This award-winning family of products is unmatched in the industry and has been widely adopted around the world for seawater desalination projects, both large and small.

The PX Family at-a-Glance:
•    Highest Availability
-Zero scheduled maintenance
-99.8% uptime with zero unplanned downtime
-Designed for 25-year life with unmatched ROI

•    Advanced technology that’s smart, and elegantly simple
-One moving part
-High purity alumina ceramic
-No pulsation, valves, pistons or timers

•    Designed for a Lifetime
-Industrial-strength, proprietary ceramic core technology
-Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer (FRP) housing & internal components
-AL-6XN® Superaustenitic Stainless Steel or equivalent wetted metal components

•    Supreme Flexibility
-Modular and flexible coupling connections for easy installation
-Quick and smooth startup
-Smallest installed footprint when compared to other isobaric ERDs

The PX 300 Series
Our flagship PX-300 series encompasses the latest enhancements in PX device ceramic components and utilizes patented, Quadribaric technology, meaning they can do double the work of any of our other energy recovery devices. As a result, they’re more efficient and can withstand a greater beating than anything else available today.

The PX-6S Series

The PX-6S Series: High Performance. High flow.

Includes the following model numbers: PX-300, PX-260, PX-220, PX-180.

The PX-6S family of products is well suited for large plants. Up to 40 PX devices in parallel have been successfully arrayed in a single train and 10 to 16 devices in parallel are common.

•    Designed for plants with permeate production capacities from 500 m3/day up to 400,000 m3/day+ (depending on your plant's size, this can be larger)
•    Delivers 96.8% efficiency
•    Scalable solution for our customers who need premium performance energy recovery with a larger unit capacity.

The PX-4S Series: Smaller Flows. Big Innovation.

Includes the following model numbers: PX-140S, PX-90S, PX-70S, PX 45S, PX-30S.

The PX-4S series is typically used in parallel to service larger systems and incorporates design improvements that increase capacity and improve durability.

Designed for small to medium size desalination applications including pilot plants, brackish water and mobile marine units

•    140S delivers 94.8% efficiency
•    90S delivers 96% efficiency
•    70S delivers 95.3% efficiency
•    45S delivers 94% efficiency

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Highly Efficient Energy Recovery Devices

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